Infused With Coastal Culture

Born in Leucadia, California, Leucadia Tequila is the perfect fusion of surf and Hispanic culture. Inspired by the vibrant coastal community and the passion of Hispanic traditions, each bottle encapsulates the essence of adventure and warmth. Raise a glass to the magic of Leucadia Tequila, where the spirit of the ocean meets the soul every sip of Tequila brings. Salud!

Leucadia Tequila

Aaron's decision to enter the distilling industry was unquestioned, given his family's five hundred years of ancestral experience in the craft. His lineage boasts renowned distillers who have crafted some of the world's finest spirits.

On his mother's side is Elijah Craig, the ground-breaking Scottish distiller who forever transformed the whiskey industry. Known as the 'Father of Bourbon,' Craig's innovative technique of charring old oak sugar barrels in 1789 created the distinct and beloved flavor that defines Bourbon to this day.

On his fathers side sits Sir Robert The Bruce, one of Scotland's greatest figures, who played a pivotal role in securing Scotland's independence over England. Continuing the lineage, Robert of Sutherland, an heir and descendant of Sir Robert The Bruce, made significant contributions to Scottish distillation. He was among the first to label his whiskey as 'Scotch,' a previous poets term, distinguishing it from other imported spirits and recognized today as a national brand.

In choosing tequila over whiskey or bourbon, Aaron's decision is rooted in his belief that most other liquors have become contaminated with GMOs. "Grapes, wheat, corn, barley, potatoes—all these ingredients have been affected by human interference, except for Agave. Agave, the plant used to make tequila, remains pure and untainted by human interference". Aaron's tequila is not only organic but also 100% natural, reflecting his commitment to preserving the spirit's integrity .The end result is art in its basic form. The bottle's right side embodies a subtle concave shape, mirroring the precise dimensions of a surfboard's rocker. On the opposing side, the glass curves beautifully emulate the undulating surface of a wave atop the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, the neck of the bottle is intentionally offset, allowing for effortless pouring, while its thicker base provides enhanced stability.After dedicating over five years in the fields, cultivating the finest Agave strands, incorporating suitable organic soil additives, and carefully sourcing sustainable and appropriately seasoned barrel wood, the moment arrived to contemplate the bottle design.

Aaron Bruce; Purveyor

Why the Butteryfly?

The Monarch Butterfly stands as a powerful emblem of unwavering migration commitment, harmoniously blending American and Mexican cultures to achieve absolute perfection. Additionally, the vibrant hues of the Monarch mirror the three distinct stages of our tequila's maturation within our oak barrels, blanco, reposado, and añejo.