Leucadia® is a spirit, an attitude and a lifestyle. Our lifestyle is best enjoyed with the fruits of our environment; agave. Tequila, made from the Agave fruit, thrives under the California sun and ripens by the Pacific Ocean breezes.  When you spend the day under the California sun, enjoying the Pacific Ocean swells, the day is only truly captured with an evening taste of tequila to balance the sea salt that lives in the blood of all of us watermen. 

We Care About Quality

All of our goods were created from the finest materials with exceptional attention to detail and a unique combination of colors, textures and styles. Our leitmotiv is to include on our catalog the products with the most beautiful aesthetics and also an unbelievable performance to make you find the pleasure of camping in nature.

Locally Made

Our workshops, all located in a local environment, have a long tradition of more than 40 years in the outdoor sector. We promote local economy. Expert hands are commissioned by artisan methods and taking care of the smallest detail of manufacturing our products. Our suppliers are also in our area. This condition helps us reduce our CO2 emissions while being in control of our raw materials and suppliers.

Focused on Nature

We select fabrics that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to reduce environmental impact. Organic, recycled and eco-friendly. We don’t use virgin oil-based fabrics. Sustainability lies at the very heart of what we do.